We offer the following services

  • All Automotive repairs
  • Servicing and Lubricants
  • Suspension & Shocks
  • WOF & WOF Repairs
  • Clutch and Brake repairs AND Cambelt Replacement
  • Transmission servicing
  • Trailers & Horse float repairs/WOFs

Why is Regular Servicing So Important?

Your vehicle should be serviced regularly. This will help to reduce your running costs in the long term and limit your risk of an unexpected and inconvenient breakdown.

Your vehicle must have a current Warrant of Fitness for your insurance cover to remain valid and keep our roads safer.

After your first visit we will enter your vehicle’s details onto our database. We will send you WOF , Service and Cambelt reminders before they are due – so you will never get caught out again!

Once one of our team has assessed your vehicle we can phone you to discuss any repairs that are necessary, before we go ahead and fix them.

We offer services to suit your requirements:

For example: Oil & Filter start from only, $125 inc GST approx. or a Full service tailored to your vehicle

When was your cambelt last replaced??!

We recommend Cambelts are checked when your car has travelled 80-100,000kms without a replacement as they can break suddenly and without warning.

The cost to replace a cambelt varies by vehicle make and model, so give us a call for an estimate.